About Us

Our entire staff is assembled for one purpose: to serve our patients. As a Doctor of Audiology with nearly 30 years of experience, my goal is to provide you with the best possible hearing care we can, based on your individual needs. We provide a comprehensive array of services related to evaluation, rehabilitation, and prevention of hearing impairment.

We pledge to provide comprehensive hearing healthcare to individuals of all ages. We are committed to assisting each patient towards the goal of improved quality of life through better hearing.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate and cost-effective care for each of our patients. Our goal is to improve hearing, communication and the overall quality of life for the patients we are privileged to serve.

We are a family owned company with friendly familiar faces eager to help you hear your best. Attuned to the latest advances and products, we are prepared to offer the best of new equipment and technology. Additionally, every product we dispense includes the highest level of service from our experienced, trusted team.

Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions a hearing impaired person can make. After a through hearing evaluation, a prescription for a customized solution to fit your needs will be provided.

Our philosophy is to provide a plan that is custom tailored to meet each individual’s needs and expectations. We pride ourselves on a being a very patient-centered practice. We always take the time to listen to you so we can better understand the day-to-day challenges you are facing as a result of hearing difficulties. We find that this is the best way to develop treatment goals and intervention strategies that are both relevant and achievable.

Professional Staff

Peter G. Ogilvy, Au.D.

Peter G. Ogilvy, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology

Peter G. Ogilvy, Au.D.

Dr. Ogilvy has been working with the hearing impaired for over 25 years. Presently a member of the Academy of Dispensing Audiologists, the American Speech and Hearing Association, the International Hearing Society and the Connecticut Hearing Aid Dispensers Association.

Graduated from Colgate University with a B.A in Economics
Graduated from the College of William and Mary with an M.B.A.
Graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Masters in Audiology
Graduated from Arizona School of Technical Sciences with a Doctorate in Audiology

Dr. Ogilvy has 3 children and lives in Fairfield, CT.
Former Connecticut State High School State Tennis Champion Colgate University Tennis Captain.

Professional Affiliations:

Margaret Mauro

Margaret has brought her sincerity, helpfulness and genuine personal kindness to the hearing impaired for over 25 years

Mrs. Mauro attended Bassic High school in Bridgeport

Mrs. Mauro has 3 daughters and lives in Bridgeport with her husband, Dominick.
Active member of her church in Bridgeport
Mrs. Mauro is fluent in Spanish

Your Goals Are Our Goals

We promise to work closely with you to discover where you are having the most difficulty communicating. Then, we will collaborate with you to determine the best solution to increase your ability to hear and understand in the situations you describe. If that solution includes hearing aids, then we are committed to recommending the technology that:

  1. Works best for your level of hearing loss;
  2. Complements your lifestyle and,
  3. Fits within your budget. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Continuing Education

Although we’re smart enough to know that we don’t know everything, we’re dedicated enough to try!  To make sure we stay on top of both the latest advances in technology and the current research related to hearing we attend many conferences, seminars and conventions every year.  In addition we belong to a variety of professional organizations that provide us with a wealth of information.